How Auschwitz Makes Me Doubt Humanity

One of the most horrific happenings in history. One of the most terrible things ever happened done by mankind. A thing that makes my skin crawl. Auschwitz.

For everyone who didn’t attend history classes back in school. From the year 1939 until 1945 World War II was spreading through Europe towards the rest of the world. Whereby Nazi-Germany was responsible for uncountable deaths (more information here).

A Visit To Auschwitz

When I went to the University in Katowich, Poland, I brought a visit to Auschwitz. Auschwitz is a concentration camp consisting of Auschwitz I, which was initially for political prisoners, and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Birkenau wasn’t only used as a concentration camp, but was also the last stop for many prisoners. It was a extermination camp. If prisoners weren’t already dead because of disease or starvation, they were put to work before ultimately get send to the gas chambers.

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Auschwitz is open to the public and offers guided tours through both camps. I highly recommend to do a guided tour, so you can hear the personal and detailed stories this place has to tell.

I Tried Not To Cry

The place has an interesting history and is making me nauseous at the same time. At some point I had to walk away from places, because the things that actually happened in this very same place as I was standing, are to cruel to think of. It actually made me cry. Not because of everything that happened here, but mostly because of the fact somebody could think of something this horrible. And on top of that, that millions of people were letting this happen.


Visit Auschwitz and do one of the guided tours. Experiencing and understanding what has happened here, is key to how we want to treat others and how we want to be treated ourselves.

Hear the stories of people that lived to tell. Hear the stories of the supervisors living on the camp in their mansion and their kids playing outside, clueless. See the windows filled with empty suitcases and the windows filled with hair of the prisoners, that was useful to make blankets.

I will never fully understand why this happened an how it could happen. I know I don’t ever want this to happen again. The cruelty is unbearable. And I cannot do anything other than admire the strength of the people who had to witness this.


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